This Art Is Bananas!


Was Sweet-Station founder and illustrator Honey monkeying around when she created her banana art? She sure was! See how awesome the fruits turned out with her pierces of pop culture icons onto the produce.

Photos via Sweet-Station

Graphic artist and Sweet-Station creator Honey was looking around the house for inspiration and laid her eyes on some fine yellow bananas.

“I thought maybe I could draw on them but it wasn’t easy as I thought it would be. I kept puncturing the skin with my pen. So I came up with the idea of using a safety pin instead (something sharp and pointy to use at the time), similar to what my tattoo artist friend did when he sort of showed me how to tattoo.”

Photos via Sweet-Station

Carefully piercing the fruit with celebrity silhouettes takes about half an hour to 2 hours each. Afterwards, Honey lets nature take its course. We’re a bit lost on the technical terms but basically, the holes in the banana peel turn dark after exposure to air.

And if there’s something we love more than scientific art, it’s edible art. “After they are completed, I photographed and ate them. It’s fun!” she added. It even reminds us of Andy Warhol's pop art!

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