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I’ve finally found myself some “me time”. For a number of reasons, the last two weekend afternoons saw me alone in our house — which was quite a surprise since I have always spend them with my wife and kids — and while I thought it was easy to kill time with cable TV around, I realized that it was better to go out and shoot.

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For the longest time, I have had plans to go out and shoot the sun setting. There are two places I know here in Manila where you could catch the sunset. One is in Baywalk, Manila and the other is in Antipolo, situated in the hills of the nearby province of Rizal.

Baywalk is almost an hour and a half drive from where I live, while Antipolo is just 15 minutes away. So it was obvious that I’d be heading out for Antipolo. Aside from it being near our place, I love the cold breeze up there and the sight of huge trees surrounding every spot you would like to stop by. It’s less polluted where you’re up in the hills of Antipolo compared to Baywalk in Manila.

If you’re into nature, then definitely, it’s the place to be. Although the sight of the open sea during sunset in Baywalk is also calming and beautiful, the Antipolo view makes up for it with a sight of some parts of Laguna de Bay. Also, the view of the metropolis from Antipolo is breath-taking!

So for the last two Saturdays, I headed out to Antipolo. The first Saturday was a quick trip. Although I was there only for just an hour, it felt then that it was a days worth of rest and some quality alone time. And of course, the sunset I came to see was calming to the senses. That moment, with a couple of beers and some smokes, made a worthy one-hour stay.

Credits: boobert

The next Saturday, knowing I have the whole afternoon to myself again, I decided to head back. Yes, I was there only the previous weekend, but the sight of the sunset was something you can not put a value on. And of course, I brought a different camera and a different kind of film. Expecting a great sunset again, I ordered up a couple of beers, light a smoke and just witnessed another awesome sunset. Of course, I didn’t forget to take a snap of that sunset.

Credits: boobert

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