Perfect Combination: LC-Wide and Fuji T64 Pro


With such a wide-angle lens and beautiful vignetting, paired together the LC-Wide and Fuji T64 produce such calming colours typical of tungsten film. Add to that formula tropical Chinese New Year clear, beautiful skies and you get a roll of beauty!

The first time I tried the Fuji T64 Pro was also the first time I paired it up with my still new LC-Wide. Unfortunately for me, the photo lab and I had some miscommunication and they ended up processing the film with C41 chemicals.

Credits: 186juney

I was utterly disappointed with the results – needless to say.

However, I persevered and patiently waited for another opportunity to load up my LC-Wide. Chinese New Year was just around the corner and I couldn’t wait to document such an important time of the year for my family and I with the ultra compatible pair that is the LC-Wide and the Fuji T64 Pro.

I had set the asa to 100, and couldn’t have been more pleased with the results! While using the Lomo Tungsten film with my Diana Mini the year before had yielded a deeper shade of pink that was almost purple, the T64 gave me a warm pink – which if I absolutely had to choose, I’d say I was more pleased with than with the Tungsten!

The clear skies was my favourite subject for this roll:

Credits: 186juney

Although, portraits are of course still irresistable and absolutely necessary – it is afterall, Chinese New Year!

Credits: 186juney

This pair proved itself even in dimmer indoor conditions and with MX:

Credits: 186juney
Credits: 186juney

And who can resist liking photos of cute children? The pink hue and the wide angle just piles on the charm factor for these shots I took!

Credits: 186juney

My ultimate favourite though, would still have to be the magic the pair worked on the sky at dusk… It absolutely blew me away. I couldn’t have been more satisfied with this result!

Credits: 186juney

I guess I also owe such a beautiful shot to my luck; having all the right conditions at the time I took this picture – the universe must have been smiling on me in those few minutes!

Unfortunately the Fuji T64 Pro is very hard to find, and even when I do come across it the price is rather steep… Looking back at these photos, I have a mad urge to run to the photo lab and just grab the remaining rolls before they run out…. forever! Or at least, for quite a long time. Truly blessed, I am, to have produced such a wonderful roll.

To the LC-Wide and Fuji T64 Pro: You are, without a doubt, the Perfect Combination.

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