Upgraded Homemade Splitzer for the Lomo LC-Wide

2013-02-28 2

Once you start shooting with Lomo LC-Wide, you can’t stop it. It’s like an addiction and because of that, I tried to created an upgraded “splitzer version” for my little love, for my Lomo LC-Wide.

You might be already familiar with my previous tipster on this topic. However, now I upgraded my homemade splitzer, so it can help my beloved camera to take also quarter splitzer pictures. It works fine, as you can see soon. So what do you need?

It is very simple:

1. For now all you need is a knife and a film canister (the top of it).
2. Cut out the quarter according the lines, which can be seen on the other side of the cover (as shown on the picture above).
3. And insert it to the prepared paper-and-canister-base according this tipster

photos by erikagrendel

4. In this way, you can make for your camera a splitzer with a changeable top.
5. Now you can go out, shoot and have some splitzer fun!

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