The Killer Combination: LC-Wide + Lomo X-Pro Slide 200

2013-02-25 5

I had not tried the Lomography X-Pro Slide 200 film with my LC-Wide before. It was a big mistake! Read on to find out why.

Few days ago I wrote an article stating that the perfect film for the LC-Wide is the Kodak Elitechrome EBX 100.

Well, everything I had written was true, but now that I have tried Lomography X-Pro slide 200, I changed my mind!

Credits: gionnired

I had already tried this film with other cameras. I liked it but I’d never been so much amazed as now that I’ve tested with the LC-Wide.

First consideration: you can get warm and saturated colors, but you need a lot of direct light. Remember to set the LC-Wide to 400 ISO (this camera always tends to overexpose, especially when cross processing).

Here some examples.

Credits: gionnired

Second consideration: This film suffers from excessive graininess in the shadows and the colors tend to fur up in low-light conditions. However, it can have a Noir, Dark effect that someone could like.


Credits: gionnired

With this film I enjoyed to do some double exposure tests and I must say it works very well! I didn’t double the ISO, as usually recommended for double exposures. I should have set it to ISO 800, but it seemed exaggerated to me. Setting at 400 ISO works great.

Credits: gionnired

The performance with dark and threatening skies is perfect with this film!

Credits: gionnired

I hope that after reading this post does not end up all the stock of X-pro slide 200!

Credits: gionnired

The Lomo LC-Wide boasts the newly-developed 17mm Minigon Ultra-Wide Angle lens. This 35mm camera wonder is the perfect companion for your photo expeditions. It produces eye-catching splashes of colour with astonishing saturation and contrasts with the added versatility of 3 different formats. Open up to a new photographic experience with the LC-Wide, available in our Shop.

The new Lomography X-Pro Slide 35mm film is made from the original Agfa RSX 200 emulsion. If you want whacked out colours, huge contrast, and insane saturation, this film is for you. See our selection of Lomography films here.

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  1. myloft
    myloft ·

    Love the last shot!

  2. gionnired
    gionnired ·

    @myloft thank you! ;)

  3. roxanneross
    roxanneross ·

    i had been wondering about this exact combination :)

  4. gionnired
    gionnired ·

    @roxanneross I hope I have convinced you to try this combination! :)

  5. eleonorepairet
    eleonorepairet ·

    wish i had read this before ! set the iSO to 200 and they are all extremely overexposed! I was going to give up the xpro 200 with the lc wide bc of that, but now with this article, ill try it again :)

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