First-Person POV Video of the Wet Plate Process

Oklahoma City-based photographer Mark Zimmerman recorded a video of himself making a wet plate image from start to finish. Check it out!

Earlier this week, we shared a video from the George Eastman House about the collodion process, or more commonly known as the wet plate process. And as fascinating it sounds in print, we reckon that for those who has not experienced it first-hand, watching a video would prove to be much more interesting than reading about it.

Which is why we’re here to share to you a video made by Oklahoma City-based photographer Mark Zimmerman.

Zimmerman strapped a GoPro Hero 3 to his head and recorded the entire process of creating a wet-plate image, giving the viewer a first-person perspective.

The collodion process, more commonly known as the wet plate process, was invented in 1851 by Frederic Scott Archer. It is a simple process of coating a clean glass plate with a special mixture of bromide, iodide, or chloride dissolved in collodion, and then placing the plate in a silver nitrate bath. The image is exposed upon the plate while it is wet, and then immediately set to develop.

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