Primo Paper Pinhole: P-Sharan STD-35e

2013-03-04 2

A paper kit wonder that is easy to assemble and get yourself started on a classic form of photography

Still obsessed with building camera kits and a huge fan of the pinhole aspect of photography, the P-Sharan STD-35e was next on my list of projects to build.

P-Sharan camera kits are from Japan and they offer three models to my understanding: The Standard, Wide, and Square. All three formats take 35mm film. The Standard offers 36×24mm frames, The Wide offers a panoramic frame that looks like 64×24mm, and the Square offers the obvious shape. They improved the Standard model with the “e” designation with a design for easier assembly. That is the model I ordered and assembled here.

The contents of the box

The kit did not come with any tools, but I decided that a hobby knife and a clipping tool were useful.

The most trouble I had with the kit was the double sided tape. Its adhesive is super strong and seems to like to stick to itself than coming off the paper with ease. I used the hobby knife to peel and place the tape. The enclosed black tape was much easier to apply, but I still used the hobby knife.

The paper components are labeled well and the punchout parts are easy to remove.

The kit lists it at about an hour to assemble, but I think I breezed through in 30-40 minutes.

The camera also has the option of adding a plastic bottom that acts as a stabilizer and mount for a tripod. Rubber bands in the kit are to keep the box closed and when placed on the notch of the exposure tab, keep it closed as well.

Here are the specs of the camera as listed on the packaging:

  • Film Type: 35mm
  • Aperture: .16mm
  • Focal Length: 20mm
  • F Stop: F/130

Exposure times are listed on the back of the camera for easy use of ISO 100. 2-3 seconds for Sunny, 3-4 seconds for Cloudy and 10+ minutes for night time.

I tested the camera with some Kodak ProImage 100 36exp. The camera says that you should get 27 exposures from a 36 roll. The camera has two points on the uptake side. One on the camera and the other on the spool. For the first 8 frames, the directions ask you to advance two full turns based on the dots. After that, you can just do one rotation. On my test roll, I had 26 frames of the 36 roll so it was not bad.

Here are some highlights of my test around my neighborhood:

Most exposures were 2-4 seconds

I tried to show how the frame is not perfect by not cropping the images. You can also notice that I did not clean the area of the frame free of the paper tab that held it to the kit mold by a black mark that appears on the right of every frame. I may leave it for character.

All in all the kit was fun to put together. Because it is made of paper and so light, I recommend a tripod. I had a small, but heavy one that helped steady it in the wind. My only gripes are losing 10 frames on a roll of 36exp and that my scanner wanted me to locate and mark each frame for scanning as the smart program did not like the uneven spacing of frames. I will absolutely use this camera again, but because it is delicate I may not make it high in my camera rotation.

Please give this camera a try if you want to try pinholes and or would like to try putting a camera together.
I am running out of camera kits to assemble, if you know of anymore please comment below.


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  1. alex34
    alex34 ·

    Very good review! The photos definitely have a special quality!

  2. hutschi
    hutschi ·

    Hi, I like your article, and you asked for proposals to build own cameras.

    Do you know the (now) rare Lomo Konstruktor UFK2 from Russia?
    I found a description in our forum, and it happened that I could buy one via ebay from Bulgaria.
    It is half format (24x18mm) by default.
    The manual is in Russian language. And it has no rewind button, so you have to rewind the film in a dark room. Sounds promising, doesn't it?
    Best regards

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