Holiday Top 10 - Get Them What They Really Want

在準備禮物時,可真不容易那個才是對方真想要的!所以我們早為你預備了這願望清單,上面包括了一班 Lomography 愛好者的心水之選…

在準備禮物時,可真不容易那個才是對方真想要的!所以我們早為你預備了這願望清單,上面包括了一班 Lomography 愛好者的心水之選,還有在 長時期最受歡迎的產品;我猜正在選購禮品的你該輕鬆不少吧。

It’s hard to know which gifts people really want, isn’t it? We’ve got insider tips, the most desired items of some Lomography diehards and the top product search results on so you can pinch the best gift ideas!

Lomography Insiders Top 10!

那麼,Lomography 的員工和各用戶希望得到的禮物又是甚麼?

What’s top of the wishlist for these Lomography staff and community members?

1.somapic – Lomography Web Team – Film
I´d go for a big stock of film. Emulsions for all seasons, indoor, outdoor, infrared, slide, 35mm, 120…. I wanna take a bath in film!

2. Mandi – Lomography Archive – Horizon Perfekt
一部很 sexy 的相機,它能拍出超乎想像的照片,可惜是我還未擁有!
It’s a sexy camera, I don’t have one and it creates fantastic images!

3. estrellla – Lomography Sales Team – Packrat X-Large Bag
So I could do a big post-Christmas shop and fill my new bag up!

4. fionfion – Lomography Gallery Store Shop Manager – Fuji Instax Mini 25 Hello Kitty
我鐘意把 Instax Film 放在手上等候影像慢慢浮現出來的感覺。
I love holding the Instax Film on my hand, waiting for the images to pop up!

5. alexandrak – Lomography New York – Fuji Natura Classica
I’d be able to take photos in the dark and in the snow! There’s no need for all of that summer sun, because the Natura makes the most of the natural light.

6. vtayeh – Lomography Aficionado – Oktomat
在我擁有的所有多眼相機中,Oktomat 已拍了無數照片,你還可以把多格的照片製成小動畫!
Having the most lenses of all the Lomo multilens cameras, the Oktomat yields a ton of frames and if you animate them you get the greatest mini-movies ever!

7. mattcharnock – Lomography Tipmeister – Lomo LC-A+
聖誕節我最希望世界和平,但如果 LOMO LC-A+ 從天而降也不錯啊。很懷念用這部相機在派對中拍下一些很有氣氛的黑角照片。
All I want for Christmas is world peace, failing that a new LOMO LC-A+ would be amazing. I miss shooting with this camera especially at parties where its curtaining feature (vignetting) really adds to the atmosphere.

8. takuji – Lomography Japan Web Team – Lubitel
Lghtweight TLR that can produce excellent results for both 35mm and 120mm films!

9. jeepeng –Lomography Fanatic & Shop Staff – Diana Mini
在聖誕節這種熱鬧兼開心的日子肯定會有很多值得拍照留念的畫面,正好輕巧又方便携帶的 Diana Mini 設有 72 張半格的拍攝模式讓你能補抓更多開心的畫面,更能使用 Diana 經典的正方型拍攝,讓美麗的畫面永存於膠卷內!
The petite and convenient Diana Mini is the best camera to have during Christmas! It lets you capture all the memories on square shots or 72 half-frame shots!

10. renaishashin – Lomography Newcomer – Lomography Ringflash
自從買了 Lomo LC-A+ 後,Ringflash 這配件便已經是我的心頭好。不論是室內或室外你都能用它拍出很多顏色的照片!
It’s an accessory that I’ve longed for ever since the day I bought my Lomo LC-A+. Indoors or outdoors, you can create photos with all kinds of crazy colors.

Most Wanted Gifts

眾多受歡迎的 Lomography 寶貝又會否是你想找的答案?

Make a note of the most searched for Lomographic goodies!

Most Wanted Cameras

1. Horizon Perfekt
2. Lubitel 166+
3. Lomo LC-A+
4. Diana Mini

5. Diana F+ Deluxe Kit

6. Diana Instant Back+
7. Holga
8. Fisheye 2

Most Popular Accessories

1. Diana F+ Lens SLR Adaptors
2. Bags
3. Splitzer
4. Lomography Keychains

5. Colorsplash Flash
6. Diana 35mm Back+

Must-Have Films

1. Lomography X-pro Slide Film
2. Lomography Redscale Film
3. Agfa APX B&W Film

4. Agfa APX B&W ISO400 Box Special Edition
5. Kodak Ektacolor Pro 160 120 film
6. Fuji Mini Instax Film

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