Analogue Day Activity: Ask A Stranger To Take Your Photo

2013-03-28 2

In celebration of all things analogue, consider this fun offline endeavor today: ask a stranger to take a photo of you!

Credits: ankos

Asking a random person to take your photo using a film camera is a cool ice breaker that I’m sure you Lomographers have tried. This chance encounter is a great way to 1) meet new people; 2) introduce the concept of analogue photography to someone; and 3) get an interesting portrait or story.

Credits: denisesanjose

For one thing, vintage/film cameras are sure conversation starters. More often than not, strangers are keen to take a look or find out more about the unusual camera you’re carrying. During Philippine Fashion Week last year, I had my new Diana Mini Leopard and a couple of people came up to me to chat about the camera. It was like killing two birds with one stone because on top of meeting models, designers, and other fashion industry folk, I got to photograph them as well! We exchanged some contact info so I could send them the pictures after developing and it turned out to be a good way to network.

Credits: denisesanjose

As for #3, if you’re a photographer who doesn’t have a lot of photos of yourself, this is a good way to get one with a story. Don’t expect a perfect portrait but rather one with an interesting anecdote behind it. For instance, I was on assignment to interview Leica collector Japan Camera Hunter when we caught a beautiful Manila sunset at the Bayside and stopped to take photos. The people chilling by the bay against the sky probably noticed what big camera geeks we were and one of them kindly offered to take a photo of me and Bellamy. So I handed him my LC-A+ and he snapped our photo. He probably has never used a film camera like the LC-A+ and I forgot to switch it to the right focus setting, hence the blurry photo. But at least I have a photo with my interviewee and that’s good enough for me since I already took a bunch of shots of Bellamy for the article.

Credits: denisesanjose

There’s really nothing to lose by tapping an outsider to take your film photo, except that he might steal your camera but that’s highly unlikely! So for Analogue Day, ask a stranger to take your photo!

How do you make your life a little bit more analogue with each day’s passing? Aside from these Analogue Day Activities we’ve been sharing, why don’t you inspire your fellow lomographers as we inch closer to the worldwide Film Photography Day celebrations and share with us your own stories? Remember, you can also schedule your own meet-ups for the big event, show your analogue life through an awesome video, and profess your love for all things analogue with some of your best snaps!

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  1. denisesanjose
    denisesanjose ·

    Opening photos by @ankos. Thank you!

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    @denisesanjose thank you very much!!!! :) :)

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