Analogue Day Activity: Cook A Meal From Memory

2013-03-24 1

In celebration of all things analogue, consider this fun offline endeavor today: cook your favourite meal without a recipe guide!

Credits: beatnik00

Forget about slaving in front of cookbooks or recipe cards.

Photo by kargagasi

If a dish is truly your favourite, you’ll know how to make it even with your eyes closed! But better to do it with your eyes open to keep things safe.

Credits: markfappleton, taypassos, daitita & denisesanjose

What you should do is brace yourself for a gastronomic treat, so stop by the market to get all your ingredients.

Credits: marcosnava, hanshendley & special_patrol

Then prepare your kitchen, cooking utensils and food items.

Credits: icomewhenieatcaponata, erikagrendel & panelomo

Time to get cookin’! Base it on interesting tastes and instinctual flavors, experiment with mixes and spices, and make enough to share.

Credits: kingferrer, non_identity & markfappleton

And then, eat!

So for Analogue Day, go and enjoy your home-cooked and memory-based meal. Bon appétit!

How do you make your life a little bit more analogue with each day’s passing? Aside from these Analogue Day Activities we’ve been sharing, why don’t you inspire your fellow lomographers as we inch closer to the worldwide Film Photography Day celebrations and share with us your own stories? Remember, you can also schedule your own meet-ups for the big event, show your analogue life through an awesome video, and profess your love for all things analogue with some of your best snaps!

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