New Test Scans to Wet Your Appetite for the Smartphone Film Scanner


Next month will see the official release of our Smartphone film Scanner that received some really nice support on Kickstarter. Before the scanners are shipped to everyone who pledged for it, you can enjoy some more test scans made with the scanner right after the jump!

Community member herbasaurus recently received a Smartphone Film Scanner for test purposes. Enjoy some of the scans he made with it:

You can buy the scanner nline or Find a Store

We already have three other galleries of scans made with the Smartphone Film Scanner ready for you to check out. Here are sixsixty's gallery of scans, vgzalez's scans and wapclub's test scans.

The scans you can get with your Lomography Smartphone Scanner are even good enough quality to print.

The scanner also brings long-forgotten negatives back to life! Convince yourself here and here!

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