Blast from the Past: Malaysia's Top Articles for April 2012


In March, we got to see Malaysia as mad as a March Hare – but what will April have in store for us? Will it be more tomfoolery for April Fool’s or will it take us by surprise? Keep reading to find out!

Even I don’t know whether Lomography Malaysia will choose April Fool’s or another route! Well, if they ranked as our top articles of April 2012 it has to be good regardless, right? Let’s take a look!

Of course, the friendly Malaysians would be sure to warmly welcome and feature the most active members and the most popular photos! Look out for these up and coming Lomographers: Meet Malaysia's Active Community Members from Sarawak #1: wandy_saeit, Meet Malaysia's Active Community Members from Sarawak #2: shah_zurain, Meet Malaysia's Active Community Members from Sarawak #4: cutebun and Most Popular Photos of Malaysia – Best of March 2012.

Lomographers also gave us tips and tricks on some analogue cameras: Fuji Velvia 50 RVP 35mm: A Film with Dual Personality and Wonderful Surprise from Eximus UWS. Some even taught us the difficult task of packing for travel and taking portraits of strangers!: My Dilemma While Packing for Travel and Portraits of Strangers: Strangers Heart Lomo!.

Credits: shuttersentinel17

We even had a Lomographer go fully analogue and exchange his keyboard for pen and paper! Do you remember the last time you sent something by snail mail? I don’t! Check out his adventure here: Analogue for a Day: Refreshing My Handwriting!.

Images by shuttersentinel17

I guess it was the best of both worlds! A little of April Fool’s tomfoolery and a little surprise!

Wanna get in on the Lomography Malaysia Community fun? Submit your own article or share your photos of Malaysia with us – be sure to tag them with “Malaysia” so they’ll show up alongside the works of other locals!

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