Lomo Art: Draw your own cameras!

2013-02-25 39

Dalí, Picasso, Goya… and you! Get inspired by the Lomographic muses, and give free rein to the artistic genie that’s hiding inside of you. Keep reading if you want to know what we are taking about, and start creating!!

Colour pencils, charcoal, markers, watercolours, collages, oil on canvas, or just a pen! Choose your fave technique and draw your fave cameras, in a 100% analogue way, scan your drawing and send it to our competition. We want to see the coolest illustrations of your Lomographic jewels!

For this competition, we have a very a special judge, the Basilian Madrid-based illustrator Gabriel da Silva. An illustrator from head to toe in whose drawings cameras sometimes slip. If you want to get to know him better, have a look at his answers to our Lomographic Questionnaire.

Amazing illustration with analogue camera by Gabriel da Silva.

Gabriel will be in charge of choosing the winner. The First Price will win a La Sardina DIY, the Second Price will receive 10 Piggy Points and the Third one, 5 Piggies. And all of them will be given a special prize on their LomoHomes.

Competition Rules

You want to participate but you aren’t a member of our Community yet? Sign up here for free, win 10 Piggies (10€) to spend on our Online Shop and share your best Lomos and creations with our Community.

Come on! Let your imagination loose and show us the da Vinci hidden inside of you!

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  1. weaver
    weaver ·

    so excited to do this :D

  2. tomkiddo
    tomkiddo ·


  3. susielomovitz
    susielomovitz ·

    Love it!

  4. kaardevries
    kaardevries ·

    Love this! Fingers crossed! :)

  5. awkward-otter
    awkward-otter ·

    This sounds so cool! I just have a question about the first rule, it's a little unclear...are we allowed to incorporate actual analogue pictures in our submissions?

  6. lomographyembassyspain
    lomographyembassyspain ·

    Hello @awkward-otter: only analogue illustrations allowed, free technique. You can scan your drawing or take a photo of it to submit it (photo of the illustration could be analogue or digital).

  7. sandravo
    sandravo ·

    @lomographyembassyspain - The contest rules say "digital retouching is either allowed". That is confusing. Maybe you should clearly state that digital techniques and digital retouching are NOT allowed. I read the spanish version of this page and there it clearly says you cannot use digital, only for taking the picture of your ANALOGUE art work. Great contest BTW!

  8. sandravo
    sandravo ·

    That was quick! All clear now :-)

  9. lomographyembassyspain
    lomographyembassyspain ·

    @sandravo ;). Thanks!!!

  10. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·

    oooops! I accidentally submit the wrong picture to this competition.. So sorry guys!

  11. ladyhui
    ladyhui ·

    hi is this competition only open to those from spain or everyone arnd the world (and you'll ship the prize overseas)?(:

  12. lomographyembassyspain
    lomographyembassyspain ·

    World Wide @ladyhui! ;).

  13. iamtheju
    iamtheju ·

    Can't wait to start drawing!

  14. bloomchen
    bloomchen ·

    great submissions so far!
    i had this idea of something i want to have as a tattoo but i really can´t show here unless i have it and i think this will take time.
    @susielomovitz have seen yours that looked pretty amazing but you didn´t submit yet.

  15. susielomovitz
    susielomovitz ·

    @bloomchen: Work still in progress! I'll submit them soon :) THANKS!

  16. tess_r3
    tess_r3 ·

    Hi Lomography, love this comp but I am just wondering if we have to draw one of your cameras or make our own design? Please clarify??? Thanks I am so excited. :{o

  17. philippa
    philippa ·

    Will need to start drawing asap!! (:

  18. martie
    martie ·

    I love this contest!!!

  19. guinastrapazi
    guinastrapazi ·

    oh cool!! this is perfect for me, i have made a few drawings with cameras :)
    but is it allowed to submit photos where there are also other things than the camera itself? or is it only allowed to submit drawings of a camera.

  20. lomographyembassyspain
    lomographyembassyspain ·

    Hello @guinastrapazi. At least there is one analogue camera in your illustration it's Ok! You can draw more things around :).

  21. susielomovitz
    susielomovitz ·


  22. guinastrapazi
    guinastrapazi ·

    yey. absolutely perfect! =)
    and thanks very much for the quick answer!

  23. pearlsphere-kameraliebe
    pearlsphere-kameraliebe ·

    wow wow wow so excited, I actually had a page full of doodles of analogue cameras made last year but never got around to finish it...now it's the time! This contest is heaven-sent!

  24. 4br0k3n3rr0r
    4br0k3n3rr0r ·

    I've also submitted a drawing!

  25. fmadera
    fmadera ·

    So excited to find out who wins :) !

  26. rewards
    rewards ·

    when does the winner get annouced? :)

  27. lomographyembassyspain
    lomographyembassyspain ·

    @rewards We hope to announce the winners soon, Gabriel Da Silva is already looking through all submissions :D

  28. tousled
    tousled ·

    wuhu, exciting!

  29. rewards
    rewards ·

    Thank you :D!

  30. rewards
    rewards ·

    Where will the announcement for the winning entries be posted? :)

  31. indieternative
    indieternative ·

    yeah, where are them?

  32. rewards
    rewards ·

    Has the winner been decided?

  33. fmadera
    fmadera ·

    fingers crossed :P

  34. acbtheillest
    acbtheillest ·

    who won ? I would love to know.

  35. lomographyembassyspain
    lomographyembassyspain ·

    @rewards @indieternative @fmadera @acbtheillest and @all: Next week we'll announce the winner! Stay tuned :D.

  36. cshmla
    cshmla ·

    So this week?

  37. cshmla
    cshmla ·

    Oh wait its Sunday lol duh

  38. sidous
    sidous ·

    And the winner is?

  39. susielomovitz

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