March of Film Lets You Spark Your Creativity and Your Shots be Seen

Has the dark and grey winter weather got you down? Do you find it hard to go out and start shooting some film? Stay strong! Spring is right around the corner and in March a new project is looking to help you get your creative juices flowing again. March of Film lets you choose between different themes and gives you the opportunity to have your best shots published in a book! Read all about it after the jump!

Amanda Potter and Simon Ponder had the idea for their project March of Film during the winter of 2012, which was a particular uneventful one for them. Photography plays a role in both their lives since Simon works as a professional photographer and web designer and Amanda works as a project manager and photographer for a design firm and in her free time enjoys experimenting with expired film, unusual cameras and instant photography. They discovered that their love for film was hampered by a lack of inspiration. They started the project as a means to get them and other analogue photographers out of their winter-time blues and excited for a new spring.

One of last year’s entries by Jana Obscura

Consequently, 2012 saw the first March of Film. They posted a list of themes on the official site for the project and anyone interested could pick one or more of them and upload their pictures to the Flickr group or post them on Twitter using the hashtag #marchoffilm.

Another shot from last year’s March of Film by Alowisney

You can check out more shots from last year here. You are interested? Great! Because March is just around the corner. On March 1st, another list of ten themes will be posted on the project’s website. The procedure is the same as last year: You can choose one theme per week (or shoot them all) by March 31st and then upload your shots to this year's Flickr group or spread them via Twitter using the hashtag #marchoffilm. Once March has passed and the project is over for this year and all participants have had a chance to develop and post their photographs, Amanda and Simon will post a form on the website that allows participants the opportunity to submit their favorite shots to the MOF 2013 Book. This will be available as an ebook as well as a hardcopy. More details about the book will be forthcoming as the project comes to a close.

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