Blast from the Past: Singapore's Top Articles for February 2012


We saw new beginnings in January 2012, including the opening of the LomoLab and even a poor girl who was trapped under shopping bags! What did February 2012 have in store for us this time?

Here’s the second installment from our “Blast from the Past” Lomography Singapore annual recap! Let’s take a look at what ranked highest in the lovey-dovey month of February 2012.

Credits: scrabbyknees

As we all know, February is the month of love and romance — so I would be flabbergasted if the Singapore LomoCouples didn’t make the list. Thankfully, they did. Check in on the inseparable romances with Meet Singapore's LomoCouple #1: Randy and Meerly, Meet Singapore's LomoCouple #2: Esa and Ilah and Meet Singapore's LomoCouple #3 Nick and Shuyun!.

Ranked alongside the analogue lovers were Singapore’s acclaimed rumbles, workshops and outreach! Rumbles included, How Was Your Chinese New Year? Rumble Winners Announcement and Hungry Go Singapore Rumble!.

The Singapore Gallery Store workshops involved DIY Tote Bag Workshop @ Lomography Gallery Store Singapore and We Heart Diana F+ Mask Workshop Report.

Their outreach events warmed the hearts of fluffy puppies and community neighbors — Nylon Singapore Visits the SPCA with Lomography Cameras!, Watch Lomography Lifestyle on Channel U and Art Sculptures, Paintings, and Logos Found In My Neighborhood.

Singapore even featured LomoAmigo, Inch Chua, during the February chapter! Read about her analogue love at Inch Chua, Singapore Singer/Songwriter & LomoAmigo Loves Analogue!.

Photo by Alvelyn Alko

We hope you enjoyed these articles as much as we did! Wanna join in on the Lomography Singapore Community fun? Submit your own article or share your photos of Singapore with us – be sure to tag them with “Singapore” so they don’t get lost in the big wide interwebs!


The Future is Analogue.

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