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One of my favourite romantic restaurants in Leeds in the United Kingdom is a Brazilian meat place, well out of the main drag from all the other places. Read on after the jump to find out why I like it so much.

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Fazenda is located just behind the train station in Leeds, in the newly done up area known as Granary Wharf. This is a lovely area, and at night time, there are fairy lights in the trees alongside the canal and it is great for a romantic walk. If walking isn’t your thing there are a few really nice bars close to Fazenda, so you can pop in for a drink before your meal (personally, I recommend The Hop).

Fazenda describes itself as a place that _"bring[s] you all the tradition behind the unique and original Brazilian way of serving meat."

“Our gaucho chefs expertly grill each of our 15 cuts of meat* – including beef, pork, lamb and chicken – and offer our customers a continuous tableside service like no other. We want to share our passion for great food and the true essence of the gaucho experience with you.”

Credits: kneehigh85

Until I ate here the first time, I had never heard of gaucho or rodizio before but since then, I have visited similar restaurants in other places. I think Fazenda has better quality than the rest though, and of course as it is located in Leeds, it is the place I have been to the most.

Firstly when you go in, it is decorated beautifully – all wooden panels and comfortable chairs. When you are seated, the waiters bring you some starters and then you can go up to the fresh salad bar and help yourself to salads, cold meat/fish and hot side dishes.

Apologies for the wonky photo, was concentrating on my plate!

Then, you go sit at your table where waiters carrying different meats (4 different steaks, chicken, sausage, hearts, lamb, gammon and more) come and carve them for you and you have little tongs to help yourself to the meat you want. It is at this point that Dave really makes his money back and goes steak-crazy!

Credits: kneehigh85

This place does seem a little on the pricey side and I think it really is best saved for a treat or a special occasion. Having said that, I guess if you are a person who can eat their bodyweight in steak (fletchinksi84 for example) then £25 is a real bargain! Take your other half there for a meat-tastic night out!

Credits: kneehigh85

You can learn more about Fazenda here.

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  1. neanderthalis
    neanderthalis ·

    We had a Brazilian restaurant down the road, I regret not trying it before it closed. I will have to see if there any more after seeing your pics.

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