Favorite Lightpainting Spots: In the Alleys of the Old Town

2013-02-26 3

Lightpainting is one of the most fun techniques a Lomographer can do. Read on to find out the special place where I use this technique with my friends.

For me, lightpainting is one of the best Lomographic techniques because it challenges people to try and come up with new poses and funny designs to achieve. It can even be a turning point in a normal evening with friends — which was exactly what happened to me and my friends a while back.

I was in a bar in the old town of Bari in South Italy, in the company of some friends, also Lomographers. We were all well equipped and full of cameras, photographic accessories and films, I had my faithful Diana F+ , when suddenly, between a beer and a cocktail (we were all more than tipsy), we decided to combine our equipment, take possession of an open side of Old Bari and make us laugh, improvising a set for lightpainting!

Credits: bonzone

We set it in the open space of a church called Madonna dei Lumi. The area is full of bars and in night full of people looking for fun, so there is a constant coming and going.

This place is magic! Here, the ancient meets modern! Ancient cathedrals and old houses are located close to very modern’s restaurants, pubs and bars.

This ancient city between the old and new ports are closed on the East by the walls that separate it from the seafront. It is characterized by a typically medieval urban layout. The old town is situated on a small peninsula where the first prehistoric settlements originally developed. It represents that portion of Bari most folkloric and still tied to old traditions — it is in fact a repository of memories and traditions that in the modern city is increasingly likely to leave.

So try to imagine the people who saw us take pictures in absurd poses or doing ambiguous movements!

Among those people passing by, many stopped to look at us, thinking we were professionals and some asked us a few photos, some even began to freestyle next to us hoping of being photographed!

But let’s see the results of that crazy evening:

Credits: bonzone

Here we are!

Credits: bonzone

Thanks to goonies, kingdjin , charlottepoulain, teresaromano and all others who are not on our community.

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  1. neanderthalis
    neanderthalis ·

    I can see the beer as an influence. It looks like you had lots of fun.

  2. bonzone
    bonzone ·

    @neanderthalis yeaahhh!!! a lot of fun !!!! :D

  3. goonies
    goonies ·

    the best lomonight of ever!!

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