Chinese New Year in Analogue: From Diana Mini Dragon to LC-Wide Snake


With the arrival of the Year of the Dragon, my ever-faithful Diana Mini was there to document my celebrations. A year and a lot more cameras later, the LC-Wide has been awesome in welcoming a significant year for me — my Year of the Snake!

In the previous year, I had only one toy-camera given to me as a birthday present from my sister in the year 2011. While the photos in the Dragon year of 2012 were awesome and even helped me to win 2012’s CNY Rumble, the spectacular magic of the LC-Wide has given me three whole rolls of beautiful, unique memories!

I got the LC-Wide as a graduation present from my parents upon completing my Bachelor’s Degree. Prior to owning one, I was always so amazed and awed by the photos other lomographers continuously posted up on their LomoHomes. Everyone who possessed an LC-Wide clearly loved having one, and the photos left me completely sold!

It was obviously the perfect camera to document four days back in the kampung for CNY celebrations. I’m Chinese Malaysian, and in Malaysia CNY is a major festival — it’s a two-day public holiday and national schools often get the entire week off; KL city becomes deserted as Malaysians take the opportunity to visit their hometowns — something we call ‘balik kampung’ — and the festive air in the other states truly leave me looking forward to travelling 5 hours by car every year as the journey itself is a mini-adventure. My parents’ hometowns in the north always hold excitement for me even after two and a half decades of CNY celebrations there!

While I am a city girl, the kampung always holds a special nostalgic place in my heart – it is the home of my grandparents, my parents’ childhood, and of CNY memories and good times. I’m glad the LC-Wide has given me the chance to document such wonderful memories in equally if not more amazing analogue photos.

Here’s to many more rolls from the LC-Wide!

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