The Lomography Questionnaire with Carissa Gallo


Someone once said to me that life can be really great – especially when left to its own simple beauty. I find myself giving a nod to the above when appreciating the works and sentiment of Carissa Gallo. After the jump let majestic Icelandic waterfalls take you along a memorable journey.

Name/alias: Carissa Gallo
Field: Photographer
Location: Portland, Oregon

Andrew in Iceland | Image via Carissa Gallo

1. Describe your first memory as if it were a still photograph
This is a landscape photograph, the point of focus is a mountain – cone shaped and the color of sand. There is a single swing hanging off the pointy peak of the mountain. Around the base of the mountain are huge, red hippos, sleeping. In the distance, behind the mountain, are huge pirate ships being worked on by pirates the size of ants. Also the size of an ant is me, alone, on the swing at the peak. (This memory was my first nightmare, and possibly my first memory.)

2. What’s one quality you wish you had?
Lately I wish I was bolder.

Images via Carissa Gallo

3. Who or what was the first thing you fell in love with?
Hard to say if it was my childhood ‘heart blankie’, the ocean, for Spot Conlin from Newsies. But, I know that I didnt really know what Love was til I met my husband, Andrew.

4. What would you rid this world of in a heartbeat?

Images via Carissa Gallo

5. What decade in history would you like to step into and why?
I imagine enjoying the pre-colonized America. Living in a teepee, with a long braid down my back, spending all day outside, and weaving baskets in the evening, whilst listening to stories from the elder and wiser. I romanticize most things… But I hear I descend from that culture, so maybe it’s just in my blood.

Grandpa at the River | Image via Carissa Gallo

6. If you could hang as a camera around anyone’s neck, who would that someone be?
My grandfather’s. To see almost the whole 20th century – all the places he traveled and experiences he had. He spent time in Japan during war, raised a wonderful family, and found beauty in simple things.

Images via Carissa Gallo

7. Where’s your secret garden, where you can escape to?
The ocean, anywhere. I grew up by the sea, and it is where my mind feels the most at peace. No matter what ocean I am looking at, there is something about being on the edge of a piece of land – the gentle stirrings of the water have a profound affect on me.

Images via Carissa Gallo

8. What famous person (dead or alive) would like to have a drink with?
C.S. Lewis. Like no other person I’ve read, he puts things in such a way that make sense to me. I imagine us at some pub near Oxford – I would be wide eyed, and hopefully tight lipped, and just listen.

Rinah and Andrew | Image via Carissa Gallo

9. If you could no longer see, what’s one image you’d like burned in your mind?
My husband, Andrew, and my daughter, Rinah, looking at me, each with my favorite expressions.

Rinah| Image via Carissa Gallo

10. Who’s your hero, in fiction or in real life?

Thank you for taking part, Carissa!

Among others, Carissa shoots with the Medium Format Diana F+ and Holga.

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