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2013-02-20 18

Paper filigree. I don’t think many of you know what is it, except people with art degree. But, why don’t we try to make a camera in such a way?

Credits: deje

This method of paper filigree is also called with a scary English word “quilling.” I hate the “Russification” of foreign words, so I’ll continue to call it paper filigree, as I prefer. While I was studying in an art college we had lessons on paper filigree, which included many variations of paper-made things. I did a big 3-D model of an all-terrain vehicle and one half-flat epic Russian powerful man. But more and more often, I see in the Internet works made with strips of paper, pasted along the edges. “Seems nothing difficult,” I thought. I decided to so something like that for my own development. So, I chose the Diana F+ and started to make first outlines.

The collection of outlines should have been here but I did not save them.

I went to an art store and purchased a pad, Whatman paper, and piles of colored paper. In fact, they already sell ready-made sets of strips, but this has two disadvantages: these sets are more expensive than the not-ready paper and they also are not so rich in range of colors.

Credits: deje

So, having 20-25 sheets of cardboard paper of different colors, I spent 3 or 4 evenings for lining them and cutting the strips of 1 cm thickness only! I moistened the Whatman paper, smeared the sides of the pad with glue, strained the paper, and left it for drying. After that, I applied the light contour of the would-be Diana and started to glue.

Credits: deje

To be honest, it’s a very dull and laborious task: first, I glued everything by hand, but more often than not, I had to deal with tiny objects, so I purchased a small manicure tweezers. On average, it took me 1.5 – 2 hours each evening just for gluing, but not every day. One or two days a week, I didn’t do it. It also happened I neglected it at all for several days, or even a week. Finally, it took me 2 months, although I could have done faster. I would have finished it in 3 weeks, if i had decided to dedicate myself to this work for 2 hours each evening.

Credits: deje

I finished my Diana about a month ago. It stands still until now and I’m still thinking what to do with it.

Credits: deje

P.S. Well, to be honest, it was not my first experience in trying such technique for a paper-made Diana. Before that, I made a letter D for my friend for her birthday. Her name is Dasha. Here it is:

Thanks for reading! X-Pro crossed colors to everyone!

The Diana F+ is a new twist on the ‘60s classic cult camera. Famous for its dreamy and soft-focused images, the Diana F+ is now packed with extra features such as panorama and pinhole capabilities. Available in our Online Shop.

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translated by oriyagirl


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    wow i wish i have that skill :))

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  6. oriyagirl
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    @fish300 не перевели, а перевела! я требую внимания к своей важной персоне! :))))

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    @oriyagirl это он просто на вы обращается (:, ну разве это не внимание.

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    @deje ну, вы бывают разные, а Я одна. :-) Понравился перевод хоть?

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    @deje ну, вы бывают разные, а Я одна. :-) Понравился перевод хоть?

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    @oriyagirl меня устраивает, главное что иностранным товарищам нравился, спасибо за труд.

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    you are amazing :)

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    superb use of colors!

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    This is really nice work, congrats!

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    It looks amazing:) good job!

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    love this piece of art!

  17. quillingdiva
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    Very nice work. But I had to let you know that quilling is not limited to the "art" community. There are several quilling guilds around the word and here in the USA we have thousands of quillists who regularly create quilled works of art. Most use 20 - 25 lb paper in widths of 1/16 inch all the way up to 1 inch! I've been quilling for over 50 years and my husband invented several adaptive quilling tools for disabled quillers. Just do a search online and you'll see the wide range of quilling created. Thanks for sharing your work. Here is one I did:

  18. deje
    deje ·

    @quillingdiva I do not insist on anything, just in our country, it is perhaps not as common as you.
    (via Google translate)

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