Fisheye Baby 110:A Mischievous Little Fairy!

2013-03-01 1

It never came to mind that such a little baby camera could produce such beautiful pictures!

Fisheye Baby 110 is my first fisheye camera, and also my first 110 format camera.

Fisheye Baby 110 has a 170 degree view of angle, which allows me to shoot an object in a very short distance. I am particularly in love to capture my dog, it becomes even more adorable in the roundish lens. It could not be denied that it is also a great camera for self-portraits, as nothing could escape from its wide-angle lens.

Its miniature appearance can be hung across my neck as an fashion accessory, or slip into my pocket and come handy for photography. Upon buying the camera I thought its capability would limited by its size, nevertheless from the results I got from the first roll, I was totally surprised by the amazing stuff it could do. Now I bring the baby with me wherever I go, to capture every little thing that is as cute as the Fisheye Baby 110. Never judge a camera by its size!

This is first roll of 110 negative’s Lomography Color Tiger 110 Lomographs. It was a great sunny day, a simple N mode was enough to have a great exposure. While it was taken into the darkness or indoor, B mode is favorable in having a better exposure.

One precaution while taking picture with this little baby is, always check if your hand has covered the miniature lens.

What’s worth mentioning is, unlike 135 or 120 format camera, 110 Baby allows you to change the film anytime and anywhere. You would need only a camera, to give a touch of different atmosphere to the scene you want to capture. And thanks to Lomography, there are now many different kinds of 110 film. Besides the negative film , there is B\W ,heart-warming redscale , and the irresistible 110 slide film

I would definitely try out the rest of the 110 films!

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