The World Behind Display Windows


I love walking along the fashion street, not for being shopaholic, but to enjoy window shopping.

Window shopping allows me to overlook the prosperity of a city, and at the same time to sharpen my fashion sense.

Taken using Nikon FM2

Human’s desire is limitless. It cannot be denied that, in spite of the unaffordable price of branded goods to some people, the luring elegance of each item does not fail to capture one’s interest. But, what if I could combine a number of beauties into a single frame? It would definitely be more attractive than possessing one of them. Fortunately, I always have a camera that does multiple exposures with me, so I could capture these beauties, competing to out-stand the others within the frame.

Taken using LOMO LC-A+ Russia Day

Do not let the alluring colors of the display window to distract your mind. I follow my heart to capture the colors without a second thought, so to let the colors to display themselves as truthful they are. Eventually, they all turn out unexpectedly gorgeous!

Taken using LC-Wide

written by vincent6251 on 2013-02-22 #lifestyle #taiwan #windows #analogue-photography #city #multiple-exposures #taipei #analogue-cameras #fasion
translated by an_lai_drew

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