Tiny and so Sweet - Diana Baby 110


She is really tiny and very cute, the Diana Baby 110. In this review, I want to tell you about my first experience with this miniature camera!

As a Diana F+ lover and collector, it was clear that this little beauty should not be missing from my collection. By the time I was allowed to take them at Photokina in Cologne, in my hands, it had happened to me. It took a few more weeks until I got it.

Okay, we come first to the technical data. The Diana Baby 110 is a pocket camera and is loaded with pocket films . The lens has a focal length of 24mm, it is also available in a kit with a 12mm lens. I have the kit with the 24mm lens. The focus is fixed, you don’t need to set the distance. The aperture is about f/8 and you can choose between an exposure time of about 1/100 and the bulb mode. Even in the dark you can use the camera because of the PC Flash Adapter with each of your Hotshoe-Flashes with the Diana Baby 110. The format of the Baby Diana 110 is square as of the other Dianas.

What I find really great about the little Baby Diana is its size. In my last trip, it was in my jacket pocket as an “always-there-camera”. It is very easy to use. This is also a great advantage. So I was allowed to snap photos while cycling. It’s also very robust. Alone on vacation my camera fell to the ground three times

Disadvantages I see for myself in the picture quality of the photos. Many photos are just out of focus and the dreamy look that I know from the other Dians is missing. Perhaps this point is also a matter of taste.

Overall I can say that the Baby Diana is a camera that you can love. It’s fun and looks cute. But for my situations I would use my other pocket cameras.

written by frauspatzi on 2013-02-28 #gear #review #110 #diana #pocketfilm #analogue-cameras #user-review #pocketcamera
translated by brommi

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