This one of the oldest Egyptian resort is a good mix of Arabic and Coptic historical and cultural influences, cool place for swimming and diving, and a convenient starting point for Giza pyramids and Luxor sightseeing

Well, paraphrase the famous proverb all ways leads to Hurgada, especially for Russian tourists. High time for visiting this place implacable came into my poor life. So I’m on the charter jet amongst other my nationals.. they’re shouting loud, sipping different spirituous liquors and clapping at the beginning and end of flight. After 5 hours of tiring flight I’m on Egyptian land in Hurgada city. The temperature become too much high (+35 C comparing to +2C in St.Petersburg), air is dry and the colors more bright. Hurgada (Al Ghardaqah in Arabic) is one of the oldest resorts in Egypt.

It’s divided in 3 parts. Old town – El Dahar. This is typical mix of Arabic and Coptic historical and cultural influences such as a big Mosques and small churches. This part of town has a big Bazaar of fruits, vegetables, halal meet, Egyptian bread “aish” and other small trade shops. There you can also buy Egyptian jewelry, different papyrus pictures, aromatic oils and perfume mixes, species, carpets, and fake Lacoste and Ralph Lauren cotton polo.

The other part is called Sakkala and it’s most for tourists. There are several fast foods such as Mc’Donalds, KFC, Burger King, and Pizza Hut in this area. You can also find cafes and restaurants with Egyptian cuisine (fish dishes and “Hamaam” which is rice stuffed and grilled pigeon) and pretty good beer. I highly recommend Stella and Luxor because it’s very refreshing. There are lots of small trade shops too with same touristic stuff. In this part of town I’ve found only one Italian style cafeteria called Costa Coffee.

From South to North of Hurgada drag out the line of different hotels. It’s a virtual 3rd part of town. There are about 200 hotels in Hurgada now. But its quantity grows very rapidly. It seems that the whole of town is a big construction now.
To sum up all my impressions I’d say it is good place to visit in wintertime in your country because of swimming and diving and a great opportunity for Giza pyramids and Luxor sightseeing. Hurgada’s inhabitants are quite friendly but always ask for some money (baksheesh) when you try to shoot them.

written by plyshbel on 2009-11-24 #places #egypt #location #lomo #lomography #lc-a-rl #hurgada


  1. azurblue
    azurblue ·

    Hurgada’s inhabitants are quite friendly but always ask for some money (baksheesh) when you try to shoot them.

    That's why I won't go there, but thanks for the trip...

  2. stouf
    stouf ·

    Nice ! And congrats for the long exposures without tripod !

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