Lobster 110 Pocket


You need to try it, this dinky little Redscale film!

Finally I got him this cute little pocket film. Recently I wanted to order some film and I accidentally ordered three rolls of Color Tiger 110. How this happened is not clear to me, and although I think the Tiger 110 is really great, I was totally disappointed when I opened the package and the wrong film was inside.

Now it is here, and after weeks of darkness came the day when the sun shone. I’ve been waiting for this moment because Redscale films love the sun. I have a 110 Voigtländer Vitoret, you can set four different apertures, depending on lighting conditions. I love to overexpose Redscale films (the colors are just so beautiful!) so I always choose a large aperture in good light!

Credits: kleeblatt

I really like the colors. Great reds and beautiful blue-greens. I am very glad that I have two more films in the refrigerator.

Unfortunately my camera has “destroyed” a few photos, there’s completely white rectangles. Too bad about the film, but the rest of the pictures make it good again. I am glad that I tried it and can recommend it to all Redscale-Fans!

Get vibrant, fiery red color that would even embarrass a lobster with the Lomography 110 Lobster Redscale film. Buy it in our online-shop!

written by kleeblatt on 2013-02-27 #gear #review #redscale #lobster #110 #pocket
translated by brommi

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