Are You Into a Weird Hobby? Tell Us About It!


Have you ever heard of yarn bombing? Have you ever tried your hand at extreme ironing? Perfect! Do you have no idea what these things are? No worries, you are about to find out! Take a look at some unconventional hobbies and activities after the jump and tell us about your off the charts hobbies.

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Since you’re reading this, we’ll just assume that photography already is one of your hobbies. We’re sure many of you have some really unusual hobbies as well, though. We’d like to hear about them! Do you collect inane things that no one else would ever think about collecting? Do you regularly try to pull of some mundane activity under extreme conditions? Tell us about it! Maybe you’ll even find like-minded people among the community or hear about a hobby you won’t want to wait to pick up!

The Washington Times recently listed eleven unusual hobbies. Extreme Ironing, for example, where people iron their clothes while doing rock climbing or while they’re on a kayak. There even are different Extreme Ironing competitions around the world and in 2002, the first Extreme Ironing World Championship was held in Bavaria. Great Britain, Germany and Austria were among the countries winning the trophy, a brand-name iron.

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Or maybe you enjoy yarn bombing? Also knows as guerilla knitting, this consists of decorating urban areas with your knitted creations. In contrast to other forms of street art, yarn bombing should not necessarily be permanent and is usually applied to objects when other people are unaware of it, so that they are surprised by the knitted artworks.

Credits: ponzi

Whatever your weird or out-there hobby might be, we’d like to hear about it! You could leave a comment under this article and start a discussion about weird hobbies. Maybe you even want to tell us and our community in the form of an article! Have a look at the submission guidelines for our Analogue Lifestyle section and think about what story featuring a weird hobby you’d be able to tell!

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