A Kiss Is (More Than) Just a Kiss


Still have a love hangover? These romantic—and sometimes platonic—images of people sharing a smooch, shot by Magnum photographer Elliott Erwitt over the years and collected by TIME, show that love knows no bounds.

Photos by Elliott Erwitt via TIME

Most photographers specialize on a certain aspect of their craft which they later become known for. Whether it’s shooting portraits or landscapes, in color or in black-and-white, on the street or in the studio, a photographer will usually figure out his forte and stick to it.

But not 85-year-old Magnum photographer Elliott Erwitt, known for his varied and versatile shooting styles as well as his panache in singling out special moments from seemingly humdrum everyday occurences. His talent and longevity in the industry has led to the publication of nearly 50 books and a massive archive of impressive photos.

TIME.com recently went through the collection and came up with a Valentine’s Day curation.

Sparked by his famous photograph of a necking couple reflected in a car mirror while parked on a picturesque California overlook, LightBox offers a look at some of Erwitt’s masterful images of that uniquely human expression of affection, and ardor. In the midst of public plazas and parades, in cars and kitchens and weddings, Erwitt raised his camera, clicked the shutter, and made the most quotidian of acts — the kiss — look positively divine.

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