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David Rubinger is an Israeli photographer and photojournalist who has captured Israel’s history since the founding of the state in powerful images. He has hundreds of thousands of images taken as a news and war photographer on the conflicts of Israel. In this post, we can take a look at his house!

Twelve years ago, the wife of Rubinger died. Since then, nothing has changed in the house, which is like a museum. The wife of Rubinger collected just about everything and even asked friends to bring items from their travels around the globe. The walls of the house are covered with artwork and ethnic masks. Through her ​​collection, she is ever-present.

Looking into Rubinger’s office, one can see that photos cover the entire walls. But these are only a fraction of the estimated 500,000 images that David has accepted as a politics and war photographer in over 30 years at every Israeli front. It is immediately apparent that almost all black and white photos are signed by high-profile politicians. Rubinger became famous through a photo showing three Israeli paratroopers immediately after the conquest of the Western Wall in Jerusalem 1967. This picture was him personally but not the dearest!

David was born in 1924 in Vienna, the only child of a Polish couple. His father, a second-hand dealer, was allowed to escape the capture by the Nazis to live with his sister in the UK. His wife and child had to leave. When David was 15 years old, he managed to flee to Israel. It was only in 1942, when he served the Jewish Brigade, that he fell in love with photography. But, actually, he fell in love with a French girl…

Photos and information were taken from Freundevonfreunden. There, you will also find more information and an interview!

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