Belair - A Camera With so Many Opportunities


It is such a great companion and offers so many possibilities!

I ordered the Belair because the description was so promising. I received it about six weeks ago and already exposed a few films.

First I have to get rid of what I do not like so much about this medium format camera. It is primarily the sharpness, which could be a bit better. Then the folding does not really work! Is it me, or is it the camera? I don’t know!

But apart from that I am still totally impressed by this new camera:

I find it very handy that you can choose between three formats. I’m a fan of squares and I just love panoramas. How nice that I can choose the format for each new film again. I even found great pleasure in the meantime with the 6×9 format. Because it weighs so little, it accompanied me often when I’m traveling. Other medium-format cameras are sometimes like a big stone in the bag :-(

The automatic exposure was one of the main reasons for me to buy this camera, and so far I’ve never been disappointed. Very convenient if you do not have time to consider what aperture and shutter speed would be correct in whatever lighting conditions.

What I want is a proper close-up lens for the Belair. Currently I use a Holga Close-Up lens, but it does not fit properly and you have to tinker always first, before you can start shooting.

In conclusion I can say that Belair is really cool and I am glad that I bought it :)

written by kleeblatt on 2013-02-26 #gear #medium-format #review #camera #format #6x9 #belair #folding-system
translated by brommi

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