Lomography x TV Mania: Beautiful Clothes Competition!

2013-02-27 28

We’re excited to partner with TV Mania’s Nick Rhodes and Warren Cuccurullo, both of the famed band Duran Duran, to celebrate their first record! Check out more information after the jump to see how your fashion-themed photos could win you some sweet prizes and tunes!

Back in the mid-90s, Duran Duran's keyboardist and founding member Nick Rhodes and guitarist Warren Cuccurullo shared their vision of the future in an album called TV Mania: Bored with Prozac and The Internet?. The duo imagined the album as a “bizarre TV cyber soap opera” about a family who gives away their freedom to scientists in exchange for a hi-tech, modern lifestyle and reality show fame. Though the album was created long before the boom of the Internet and reality TV, the sounds and concept are undoubtedly contemporary.

The project was temporarily shelved as Duran Duran’s other projects took hold, and was thought to be even lost at one point. But lo and behold, Rhodes discovered the tapes in a storage facility and decided they were long overdue for a release. On March 11, 2013, the TV Mania project will finally be released worldwide on gatefold vinyl and a limited edition box set as well as digitally through The Orchard/Beatport.

To celebrate TV Mania’s release, we’re having a rumble in honor of one of its awesome tracks, “Beautiful Clothes” (click here to listen). Sift through your closet and analog photos to show us what you think the best threads are. Whether it’s a self-portrait of you in your favorite shirt or a funky street style shot, we wanna see em’!

Photos by: elvismartinezsmith, goldie, peropero


One grand prize winner will receive

2 Runners Up will each receive:

7 Honorable Mentions will each receive:


  • Prizing: Delivery of physical prizes will be mailed after March 20th
  • Film/Camera Type: Any analogue photo not digitally enhanced or manipulated.
  • Upload Limit: 10 images
  • Minimum Photo Dimensions: Submissions must be at least 768px in either width or height. You must have a high resolution image available (minimum 300 dpi)

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  1. vadephotography
    vadephotography ·

    Being a Duranie, I am going to partake! I already pre-ordered the box set.

  2. marceo19
    marceo19 ·

    Analogue being film-based photography, not digital, right?

  3. micky_s
    micky_s ·


  4. ping-junior
    ping-junior ·


  5. mirellastivani
    mirellastivani ·

    Where can I upload the photos?

  6. angelab_log
    angelab_log ·

    @Monica Arceo Login to your LomoHome and your uploaded photos should appear toward the end of this post and from there, you can select which ones you want to submit for the competition.

  7. angelab_log
    angelab_log ·

    @mirellastivani see my comment above!

  8. ping-junior
    ping-junior ·

    I sincerely hope the lucky win ^__________^

  9. mirellastivani
    mirellastivani ·

    Thank you so much!

  10. melana
    melana ·

    Hi there! I can't understand. Where do we upload pictures for the contest? Can't we send them via email?

  11. melana
    melana ·

    and what is logohome that angela mentions? :(( I am frustrated. Can't we send them by email?

  12. melana
    melana ·

    it's ok, finally I found how we ulpload pictures and entered the competition!! Good luck to all!

  13. angelab_log
    angelab_log ·

    @melana glad it worked out! best of luck!

  14. angelab_log
    angelab_log ·

    @marceo19 yes, film cameras only please :)

  15. iainpjohnson
    iainpjohnson ·

    We all love a bit of glam

  16. lesemappen-paul
    lesemappen-paul ·

    great competition

  17. prudenceblak
    prudenceblak ·

    How can I upload Pictures for this? I found where to Upload them but I cant figure out how to:} Thank You:)

  18. angelab_log
    angelab_log ·

    hi @prudenceblak ! be sure to upload photos in your lomohome first (in the tab named "lab"). once you have photos there, you can see them appear toward the end of this post and submit away!

  19. prudenceblak
    prudenceblak ·

    THANK YOU Angelab_log! GOT IT! You are THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)<3

  20. tvmaniac
    tvmaniac ·

    LOVE the TVMania release - Beautiful Clothes, Euphoria, I Want To Make Films, et al! From START to FINISH, an avant-garde, cinematic audio feast for the ears. It begs to be set to theatrical performance on Broadway and/or artistically interpreted in film noir.

  21. tvmaniac
    tvmaniac ·

    I ordered one of the boxed sets from The Vinyl Factory - can't wait to get it! I'm having the most fun with Polaroid photography now. The "click-grind" of that camera body makes me weak in the knees.

  22. 87654321
    87654321 ·

    Can't believe I missed it! first I had trouble uploading fotos and now it's over!!!!

  23. renoirin
    renoirin ·

    @angelab_log - Any idea when this winners for this contest (or any contest for that matter) are chosen. I'm new to Lomography.com. Your FAQ section is terribly long to wade through. Also contest rules are not very clear it seems?! -Thanks for your response to this. -ReNoirIN

  24. angelab_log
    angelab_log ·

    hello @renoirin ! we're hoping to announce the winners next week. unfortunately this competition has closed but there are many others on this site for you to win some awesome cameras. we usually require that the photos come from any analog camera and are not digitally manipulated of course. we keep the themes pretty broad to encourage some creative submissions and interpretations--so anything related to clothes here would have worked! let me know of any other questions.

  25. angelab_log
    angelab_log ·

    @87654321 ! I'm sorry you missed this one but there are a ton of competitions we have going on all the time to win some cameras--check out www.lomography.nl/magazine/competitions

  26. renoirin
    renoirin ·

    @angelab_log -Thanks. I did actually enter this contest in time. Just wanted to know a little about the competition process is all. Thanks for your quick reply -Cheers

  27. melana
    melana ·

    Hi! Do you have any news about the results of the competition? :)

  28. angelab_log
    angelab_log ·

    hello @melana ! we are eagerly awaiting for the Duran Duran team to send us their winning selection. rest assured we will announce them soon!

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