Red Hill

Having a name such as this can really be intriguing and just because of this, we invite you to visit it and discover this place!

The “Rote Berg” or red hill is situated in the 13th district of Vienna. You will have a nice view of the city from there. Moreover you can go sledding in winter and watch the fireworks on New Years Eve with heaps of other folk. You’ll find the red hill on the corner of Tolstojgasse-Nothartgasse. Attention: don’t try to start up a bonfire there. There is an old people’s home at the bottom of the hill and as soon as they see something unusual they’ll call the police in no time.

location: roter berg, 1130 vienna | how to get there: metro u4 to ober st. veit and a little walk. up the preindlgasse and then turn right into the meytensgasse

by Daniel Felmer

written by fookshit on 2009-11-11 #places #park #vienna #outdoors #meadow #location #vienna-city-guide #city-guide-vienna

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