Kisses Amidst Wartime: Photos by Alfred Eisenstaedt

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Put kissing couples, Alfred Eisenstaedt, and a Leica camera together and the image that will most likely come to mind is his iconic 1945 photo of a sailor kissing a nurse in New York’s Times Square. However, it’s not the only classic lip-locking scene he managed to capture in film. Take a look at some more of these after the jump!

Photo by Alfred Eisenstaedt via Wikipedia

We all know that the iconic VJ Day in Times Square kiss photo was taken by none other than the equally iconic Alfred Eisenstaedt. But, did you know that it was not the only classic kissing scene that the German-born American photographer was able to capture on film?

One of Alfred Eisenstaedt’s moving photos of soldiers bidding their significant others farewell on the cover of a LIFE Magazine issue for April 1943. Caption says: ‘Lieut. John Hancock Spear kissing his newly married bride, Ester, while saying goodbye in Penn Station before returning to Camp Blanding, FL.’ Via LIFE Images hosted by Google

Eisenstaedt moved to the United States in 1935 due to Nazi oppression in Germany and became a staff photographer for LIFE magazine a year later until 1972. While he is not typically identified with war photography, his works present a different side of the war-stricken US. Instead of showing courageous soldiers caught in the tides of war, he showed men reluctantly bidding their girlfriends and wives farewell with a kiss before getting shipped off to battlegrounds.

Since we’re still very much feeling the season of love, why don’t we take a look at these stolen moments of tenderness during wartime, as immortalized by Eisenstaedt and his camera? They could very well be some of the most heartfelt, passionate, and poignant kisses ever caught on film!

Photos by Alfred Eisenstaedt via LIFE Images hosted by Google

What do you think of these kissing photos photographed by Alfred Eisenstaedt? Share your thoughts with us with a comment below!

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  1. twinklecat
    twinklecat ·

    I love how all the women put on their fanciest fur coats and sassiest hats to say goodbye to their men! So sweet.

  2. quigs
    quigs ·

    Being a nurse myself, I am awfully glad we don't have to wear stockings and suspenders to work anymore, they do look a hell of a lot more classy though!

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