The World's Only Life-Size Walk-In Camera Needs Your Support

2013-02-14 1

Do you enjoy photo booths? How does the idea of a photo booth sound that not only takes a picture of your face but captures your whole body? Well, there is exactly one analogue booth in the world that can do just that and the daughter of its designer is looking for people ready to back her idea of making the life-size photo booth mobile and taking it around the world.

We reckon your are familiar with Kickstarter and the concept behind it since our very successful Kickstarter campaign for the Smartphone Film Scanner. Right now, there is another awesome photographic project looking for backers. German artist Susanna Kraus is looking to make the life-size photo booth her father created mobile!

First things first: In 1970, Susanna’s father, Werner Kraus, built the Imago 1:1 camera. A giant photo booth that captures the whole body of the people in it. The image is then directly developed and processed in the camera and the result is a print in the size of 60 × 200 cm. There is no negative or any kind of backup of the photos taken. Each portrait is a unique piece of art and thanks to the fine direct positive paper used, they have an estimated life span of up to 100 years.

What an amazing feat, right? For her goal of making this huge camera mobile, Susanna, together with her two sons and other supporters, will construct another Imago camera from scratch. Check out the project’s Kickstarter page for all details and the different pledge options and rewards. The IMAGO also has its own website with lots of info and photos.

On its way to the famous Museumsquartier in Vienna for 2006’s month of photography, the IMAGO even paid the Lomography headquarters a visit in September and October of that year. Here are some impressive shots taken during the laborious transport:

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  1. angelhaken
    angelhaken ·

    I think Ian Ruther's "Vehicle - Camera" can also be considerd as a walk-in camera ;) ..

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