Revue SC3 SLR – Better Quality With Less Bucks?

2013-02-25 1

Well built, easy to use, and cheap! What more do you need for an SLR? In my opinion nothing more!

Okay, low price isn’t something you need when you go shooting with your camera, but it can be important when you are purchasing one. If your budget is low and you want a decent SLR, this might be your choice. I found mine from eBay. It was in perfect condition and I couldn’t find any signs of use from it. It came with a Revuenon 50mm f1.7 lens, which was also in perfect condition. The camera uses a Pentax-K mount, so if you want more lenses you have plenty of choose from. I paid less than 20€ for the camera and lens including the shipping from Germany to Finland.

Like I said the camera is easy to use and there’s also a light meter to help you with exposures. It’s all manual, so you have to set the shutter speed and aperture by yourself. Shutter speeds go from 1 second to 1/1000 of a second, there’s also bulb mode for long exposures. Self-timer, tripod thread, cable release thread, and flash hot-shoe are there as well. You can set you film speed from ISO25-6400.

Like the camera, the lens is very basic. 50mm f1.7 is somewhat a standard for this type of SLR. It’s bright and quite sharp, but not the sharpest. It gets the job done with good quality and I even managed to get quite sharp macro shots with extension tubes. F-numbers go from f1.7 to f16, which is again very basic. If you like filters you can use 49mm filters in front of this lens.

So there you have it, a very basic SLR which you can find very cheap. Although there are no high-end features, there are no big flaws either. I would recommend this camera if you want a SLR, but your budget is tight. You definitely will get the bang for your buck.

Credits: jutei

written by jutei on 2013-02-25 #gear #review #slr #revue #50mm #f1-7 #revuenon #sc3

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  1. florobloom
    florobloom ·

    Hello! I've just got the same camera in a seconc hand store but I cannot find the way to open it to put the film inside?! Can you help me please? Thank you!!!

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