Why I Love the Radio

2013-02-14 2

There’s something about the Radio that makes it king in my book when it comes to broadcast mediums/News sources. Do you share in this sentiment? If not, perhaps you’ll find my words to be a whole lot of static.

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Because it signified the advent of wireless telecommunications, it looks undeniably cool, and I love how commanding, albeit eerie, the projected voices come through on the transmitting end though at the same time can immediately become vulnerable as soon as there’s a falter. Basically it’s telling, it’s History, it’s analogue. The enigma that surrounded the Radio, for me, was one of the driving factors to my becoming a student of the Broadcast medium.

While UNESCO’s World Radio Day was observed yesterday, I was busy listening to it, neglecting my other favorite analogue pastime – writing. So today I’ll pay tribute to this magnifico.

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Now, on the flip-side of an education, I find I love the medium even more owing to the people that make it. Public Radio and the stories that stick with you, the drives at which listeners volunteer and donate, the many a person you get to interview in the soundproof confines of a booth, making it somehow hyper-personal. Though it sounds magical, noble, and whatnot, it’s the simple nature of it all that’s alluring to me.

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Transmit voices from where it matters directly to the on-air program. Hear from those in the heart of it all, from those esteemed thinkers that aren’t a dime-a-dozen on television talk shows that take them away from their academic setting. Where sentiment and information reign. Of course, this isn’t to say this representation holds true worldwide, but a lot has also changed!

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Entertainment. How people used to tune in to their radio plays and dramas, now analogous perhaps to how children are so easily amused by twigs and rocks or else appreciated as a grainy sample among the makers of music. But then again, not really. Books are still around. Updated, sure. So are radios and the shows that are produced!

Are you a frequent/infrequent listener of the radio? If not, do you have a magnificent specimen in the garage or attic you’d like to snap and share? Perhaps the oldtimer is a cross-time radio, like in Frequency, or perhaps it’s the missing link to the mysterious pirate radio station dad never told you about.

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  1. soundfoodaround
    soundfoodaround ·

    Check out Orson Welles' humble beginnings... www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xs0K4ApWl4g

  2. plyshbel
    plyshbel ·

    Great article! I'm a frequent listener but shame on me mostly internet radio cos of so many stations. But I do with a kinda classy looking radio-Revo Heritage. This is my lovely toy!

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