Test : Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner


I’m so lucky that Lomography chose me to test the Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner. I was so thrilled when thinking of trying this new accessory. Will it be easy to use? Let’s try.

“Ding Dong~” I heard doorbells from my front door, then I saw the postman with a parcel in his hands. I almost screamed out loud because of the name that appeared in front of the box. Well, it was delivered to me safely.

There were 3 parts of the Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner inside the box: a smartphone clamp, a light barrier, and a scanner. It’s quite compact when I put them up together.

There’s also the removable frame for scanning film from the LomoKino . This scanner requires regular 2 AA batteries.

It’s really easy to use this scanner. Just turn the switch at the bottom right to ON and you will see lights on scanner screen. Then, place your smartphone on scanner. Since the scanning application from Lomography is still under development, I just captured my films using the camera mode from my phone first. In my case, I used the one with the bitten fruit at the back, model number 4 followed by S :P

Let’s get some fun from selecting pictures which we want to scan.

Firstly, place your film to its slot under your scanner. Anyway, how to remove film is as easy as when you put it in, just press slightly on the button and pull your film out.

Ready? Now, we can roll the film into scanner. I was quite blank because I don’t have a scanning application. On my first try, I felt that my film was quite far from phone’s lens. I tried to zoom it in, but the zooming option of my smartphone is just enlarging the picture which gave me little details of the picture. I decided to remove a piece of light barrier, and then zoom in a little.

It wasn’t so bad. But my advice is, do not force your phone to focus (by tapping on the phone’s screen in my case). After that, what you need is just roll the film through screen and let your smartphone focus it automatically. Why? Because I tried to force it before and I got pictures that were too bright. When you’re finished scanning all pictures you want, load your scanned pictures to the computer, adjust from negative to positive, put a little more contrast, and DONE! This may sound a bit complicated, but I believe it must be much easier using the new app from Lomography.

My pictures from this scanner look quite soft compared to my other pictures. Anyway, today I’ll talk only about how to use the Smartphone Film Scanner because it’s really easy to use even for a newbie. I spent only an hour selecting and scanning more than 50 pictures. If the app from Lomography is completely developed, it must be much faster and easier to scan. I really want to do experiment again to compare between films from other cameras with the LomoKino . Today I’ll end my article with the rest of my pictures in this lot. If i have more information, I’ll stop by and tell you bout what I found again :)

written by wapclub on 2013-02-22 #gear #tutorials #select-what-this-tipster-is-about #select-type-of-tipster #tipster
translated by quelana


  1. michelleiam
    michelleiam ·

    Thanks for the review :D

    Is it possible to show what your original scans looked like so we can better comparison of the quality?

  2. quigs
    quigs ·

    Hurry up scanner!

  3. iamtheju
    iamtheju ·

    Looks good. I should have bought one!

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