Bench in Augarten

A bench that is both mysterious and supernatural, only the brave can sit on it!

Enter the Augarten coming from the Karl-Meißl-Straße and take the very left and you’ll pass this lovely bench. Since a huge tragedy happened to a couple sitting on it and the superstitious city of Vienna didn’t want to remove the bench, the only possibility of keeping people from using this bench was letting it overgrow. Will you dare sit on this bench like these two daredevils?

location: augarten is located between the 2nd and 20th district | how to get there: metro u2/ u4 to schottenring, tram 31 to gaußplatz

by Andreas Gessl

written by fookshit on 2009-11-11 #places #park #vienna #outdoors #bench #location #vienna-city-guide #city-guide-vienna

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