Perfect Combinations: LC-A and Kodak BW400CN

2013-03-01 1

Like every other LC-A user, I love my LC-A and I’m always delighted that most films I try in it look great. I know that a lot of people will be suggesting that slide films (especially the Kodak and Lomo Chrome) are the best companion for the LC-A, and it is true, the results are amazing, but when I thought about my personal favourite film in my LC-A so far, I was a little surprised by the film that won me over.

Balancing the right camera with the right film is a very personal act. You might love black and white film or you may love colour. You might prefer the unique colour shifts of cross processed slide films or you may prefer the more sedate colours of professional colour negative films. But when you find that perfect combination, you know that you’ve hit jackpot and you often can’t help using it over and over again.

I’ve tried a lot of films in my LC-A – Portra, Ektar, Lomo Xpro Chrome, 200 iso’s, 400 isos… and I can’t think of one film that I’ve felt didn’t really work with it, but the surprise stand out for me was the C41 black and white Kodak film BW400CN. I’d never tried it before putting it in my LC-A, so I didn’t truly know what to expect.

One thing I didn’t expect was to be completely blown away by the results… the contrasts in these photos between the tones is gorgeous, with dark greys and bright whites creating a balance across the image that looks effortless and natural.

Having only used the Ilford XP2 film that develops with C41 chemicals, I expected the results to be softer and more subdued whilst this film is stark and demanding as well as crisp and sharp, and I really love that look, it goes perfectly with the LC-A I think.

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  1. wafflesaurus
    wafflesaurus ·

    Really nice results in my opinion! Totally agree with you, good combination! Never thought it would look so fine grained! like it a lot :)

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