The Stories Within Pictures #14: Valentine’s Skiing

2013-02-14 2

Winter in Finland means combination of three things – endless tracks, hours spent in the nature and of course skiing. People can be crazy about it. Count their kilometers or even the calories. However, I think the most beautiful feeling is when you stand on skis for the first time and every little success and moving forward bring you a feeling of a great achievement.

Penny was standing on her borrowed skis for the first time. Of course, she tried cross-country skiing once or twice as a child, but nobody really cared that time whether she is doing it right or not. The most important thing was that she had fun.

Now she is trying to figure out how to keep up with her boyfriend, but even some little children manage to be faster than she is. And the style of their ski moves! That’s something what could not even be compared to her skiing, which looks more like walking.

Photos by erikagrendel

‘Gosh, I am so awful at this sport! How can I be so awful?’

“So, how is it going?”asked her boyfriend who was already waiting for her several minutes.

“Can’t you see?” she replied angrily.

“Well, I can. But I can help you if you want. It is all about the right moves.” And he started explanation. “Look at those two kids in front of us.”

“Yeah, yeah. Do you think I haven’t notice them? I will never ski as they do.”

“That’s not what I wanted to say. Look!” And he slowed down his skiing moves so that she can see it better and repeat it easily after him. It was like at a winter skiing school, except that Penny was much older and sweating like hell because she put on too much clothes. It was quite embarrassing as well, but she kept repeating all the right glides and slides and the skiing became more fun. However, there was still one thing she was not able to figure out.

‘It’s the 14th of February and we are sliding here on snow in the middle of nowhere with some other people I do not know. How romantic!’

She was disappointed. No wonder. She expected something else than sweating on skis. So she took out her camera and at least shot some pictures of the sun slowly setting down somewhere behind the trees.

“Are you hungry?” suddenly he asked.

“Like hell.”

photos by erikagrendel

He changed the direction a bit and they started to ski even bit faster, going through little hills, up and down, down and up. And there she saw it. A little cottage like from a fairy tale, hidden among the trees, but proudly wearing a sign “Kahvi.” And inside, there was not only coffee to drink.

They sat by the table and the waiter brought them sweet Valentine’s snack – donuts, munkki and pulla. ‘So, my boyfriend surprised me anyway,’ thought for a while Penny and dedicated him the best smile she had. Outside, the sun was already very close the horizon and trees were casting long shadows. Suddenly, she felt like all the sweat and hard work on skis were worth it and she had a feeling that after all it had been quite a romantic day, wasn’t it?

Photo and words by Erika Grendelova. Originally from Slovakia, Erika now lives in the Czech Republic and travels a lot to UK and Finland. Read more articles from her series here.

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  1. anttmaki
    anttmaki ·

    Nice redscale photos! Skiing here in Finland is good fun, especially in the wilderness of Lapland.

  2. erikagrendel
    erikagrendel ·

    @anttmaki Thanks :) and you are right, it is big fun and wonderful experience!

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