Lomochrome Purple: Your Last Chance to Pre-Order this Amazing Film!


The Lomochrome Purple’s been warmly recepted by many, and we are down to the last 1000 rolls of the 400 ISO 120 film. It’s your last chance to pre-order this amazing film before everyone else. Don’t even think about regretting it later!

The preorder of our Lomochrome Purple 35mm films sold out instantly like pancakes, and the Lomochrome Purple 400 120 films are most likely to follow suit! This is your last chance to preorder some of these delectable 120 rolls to be delivered straight to your doorstep this coming July 2013. Otherwise you’ll have to wait for the next batch!

If you’re interested to know more about this dreamy, revolutionary film you could input your e-mail address here

We’ll inform you the latest news on this great film, as well as updates on when the next batch of 35mm films will be back in stock.

written by kazarareta on 2013-02-13 #news #xpro #35mm-films #120-films #lomochrome-purple

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