#project52 - A January Update

2013-02-19 1

So far so good for my analogue project – read on after the jump to find out about how #project52 is working out for me after a month of photos.

Credits: kneehigh85

I started my project for 2013 on 1 January this year. You can read about my original ideas behind the proposal in this article. I got off to a pretty good start really, and in the first four weeks of the year (pretty much all of January), I managed to shoot a roll a week and get some shots I am quite happy with. I have been keeping a notebook up to date with how it is going so here I can talk a bit about what went down in each week.

1. LC-A+ with Lomography Redscale XR

Credits: kneehigh85

If I am being honest I wanted something nice, easy and reliable for my first week of the year for the project. I chose to couple the camera with Lomo Redscale XR as this is a film I usually reserve for sunny days and wanted to check out the results when it was overcast. I am really happy with the results from this week and I knew I was off to a flying start.

2. Fuji Natura Classica with Lomography CN 800

Credits: kneehigh85

Despite thinking I had got off to a good start, I had fallen a bit behind due to not really being able to take any night shots so this week I wanted a very versatile camera, with a built in flash and to that end I chose the Fuji with a nice fast film. This week I got some nice photos and I got caught up on week on as well. I went urban exploring, to a camera fair, out for tea more than once and had a camera sort out.

3. Pop 9 with Lomography slide 200 (cross processed)

Credits: kneehigh85

This week I wanted to use a multi lens camera as I have a fair few of those in my collection and I want to keep things a bit varied. I have never used a slide film in this camera so I decided to give that a go for the project. Also, this is a good winter multi lens camera as it has a built in flash. I should have found this week a lot easier as I went on a trip to Liverpool with my family for 2 days but I didn’t get a lot of chance to use a camera as they did a LOT of shopping!

4. Fed 4 with Ilford XP2

Credits: kneehigh85

This week I was excited to use my Fed and I had got organised well in advance so I started with high hopes. I am not disappointed with the shots as such, but we had a lot of snow this week and I can’t help but my photos look a bit samey, if that makes sense? I like a few of the shots though and by the end of week 4 I had well and truly caught up.

Next month I am going to be using some different film formats so it might take me a little longer to upload the photos but never fear – #project52 is still very much underway! Stay tuned for a February update in a few weeks.

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  1. davecmorrow
    davecmorrow ·

    Nice article :) You have a good collection of cameras, makes mine look rubbish.

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