Diana F+ and Lomo X-pro 200: The Perfect Couple

2013-02-28 1

They met by chance, but this couple proved me that there’s true love between them.

When I got the Diana I had won in a competition arranged by Wrangler I knew it couldn’t have come in a better moment – that weekend I had planned a walk on snow rackets and that would be a special moment for testing that special camera. Searching in my box of rolls and, not thinking too much about it, I chose taking a roll of Lomography X-Pro 200. I had already used it with my Holga a couple of times and wasn’t very happy with it, but I thought I’d give it another go and introduced it to my Diana.

As you can see, I didn’t listen to a single tip for Diana newbies: shooting my first roll in the snow, with the added trouble of brightness, and with slide film, not knowing the kind of colors I’d get, would seem a bit crazy. But when I got the prints from the lab I found this:

Wonderful, don’t you think? Al least that’s what I though, mainly because it was my test roll. I loved the tones in the pics, with that ancient look in sepia that won my heart.

I think it was love at first sight for her too, but my Diana wanted to meet other kinds of rolls, so I arranged some more dates for her. Color, black and white, slide… all of them with great results, but lacking the magic of first love. So, as soon as I could, I got another pack of Lomography X-Pro 200 and took them and my Diana to Oporto to let them know each other a little better.

In this case I had my doubts about how the pics would come out. I was going to scan the negs and didn’t know if that would make a big difference with the lab scans. Well, second date and second success:

Sof tones and retro touch were still there and my Diana and I surrendered again to these results.

Now it’s almost a year since then and she’s begging me for a new date with her first and only love. My Diana keeps asking me why I always forget adding a pack of Lomography X-pro 200 to my cart each time I make and order and I, as an excuse, tell her that I do it to keep the emotion and the mistery.

I really don’t know why I insist on introducing her to other rolls, as every time I use this camera and film combination I fall in love again.

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  1. jawknee
    jawknee ·

    my favourite combo as well :) nice article!

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