Perfect Combination: Olympus XA ♥ Redscale

2013-02-20 1

I ♥ my Olympus XA, and my Olympus XA ♥ redscale. This versatile little camera is a perfect match for the fiery reds and oranges of redscale — be it home made or store bought.

Credits: stratski

It’s impossible for me to pick one favorite camera, but forced at gunpoint, I might choose the Olympus XA. This poor man’s LCA is a great camera: the built-in light meter ensures a perfect exposure every time.

Favorite film? Another difficult one. But when I couldn’t afford cross processed slide film, and still wanted something funky, I fell in love with redscale. Easy to make, easy to get great results. Bright like fire, pastel sweet, or vintage brown — redscale can do it!

Homemade redscale from Agfa Vista 200.

So, it won’t surprise you that my favourite combination is to shoot redscale film in the Olympus XA. Thanks to that light meter I never have to think too hard about the right exposure. And thanks to the adjustable aperture and ISO slider, I still have perfect control over what look I want for my pictures.

Lomography XR Redscale 50-200.

Do I want brownish to sepia-tinted pictures? I’ll just set the ISO to 50, or even 25 — the XA can handle it! Prefer deeper reds? I’ll set the ISO higher, 200, 400, maybe even up to 800 if I’m feeling very daring. The ISO button takes 25 ISO steps, so plenty of room for experiments.

Homemade redscale from HEMA 400 ISO film.

Thanks to shutter times of up to 15 seconds, even night shots and indoor pictures turn out great, even without flash. Deep, dark, passionate, red or even purple, but tack sharp, thanks to the excellent Zuiko lens.

Homemade redscale from Fuji Superia 200.

So there you have it, my perfect combination: the Olympus XA with redscale film.

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  1. edenhovenga
    edenhovenga ·

    These photos have a beautiful color range! It looks like you've mastered redscale. (:

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