Perfect Combination: Minolta X-700 and Some Lovely X-Tungsten

2013-02-19 1

I loved my Minolta x-700 camera from the very first time I started shooting. It goes well with all films, but what it does with Tungsten film is what I love the most.

I like to buy second hand things. So one day I was just in the right time, in the right place. They had just stalled out this camera collection of someone who brought it in. My eye was immediately caught by a Minolta. I owned a digital Sony camera and I had heard that sometimes you could use the lenses of a Minolta for the new Sony. The lens on the Minolta looked great, so, for only 10 Euros, I took it home. Once I got home, I never took the lens off!

Credits: lieze

The Minolta X-700 has a built-in light meter. Some people don’t like it, they like to set their adjustments themselves. I like it because this is my easy go-to camera, I can just shoot with it without taking all that time to analyze the circumstances and set everything right. That’s probably also the reason why it’s almost always in my bag.

Credits: lieze

When buying the camera I noticed the aperture range of the 50mm lens, it looked big. The lens absorbs lots of light, a great advantage if you ask me. I can take pictures inside without having to pull out my flash. And that’s the reason why I like the combination of this camera and the Tungsten film so much. I tried an X-Tungsten film in another camera, the BELOMO Agat 18K. It didn’t come out all that great, I was disappointed in the pink color, in some pictures it completely disappeared and in other pictures was over pronounced.

Credits: lieze

Some time later I put some X-Tungsten film in my Minolta because it was summer time and I had to go lots of places, so I popped it in my bag. The results were amazing! I loved the amount of pink in the pictures this time had and they were all the same perfect way. The lens takes in lots of light, this in combination with the time of year, makes the ultimate Tungsten pictures. You can still see the original colors, but with this little pink shade on them, just the way I like it.

Credits: lieze

Lomography has stopped making X-Tungsten film, and that’s really sad because I’m sitting on my last one. I’ll probably save it until summer again. Then, it’s time to find me a new perfect combination for my Minolta X-700.

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  1. roxanneross
    roxanneross ·

    your photos look amazing. i wish they would manufacture tungsten film, i only ever got the chance to buy 6 rolls :(

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