Lubitel Love: A Poem for my Lubitel 166+U


Here’s a short Valentine’s poem I made for my Lubitel 166+ U. Enjoy reading! :)

As it is currently the month of hearts, I decided to dedicate a special letter to one of my favorite cameras. Here’s my love letter, or shall I say poem, to my beloved Lubitel 166+U with some of the shots that I took with it.

Ever since I laid my hands on you,
Peered through the viewfinder of my new Lubitel 166+ U,

And hear that shutter click,
As I press the lever quick.

I am filled with excitement
To take a shot of that perfect moment.

It is your dual format that I adore
With different films for you I have in store.

With sprockets or without, 6 × 6 or 6 × 4.5
I make sure with every shot I take my time

In focusing, adjusting shutter speeds and aperture
To produce images that are so crisp and pure.

Dozens of films we have already exposed,
Some reds, some colored, some slides too I suppose.

We have gone to many adventures, vacations and voyages,
Documented lots of milestones, faces and places.

Oh my Lubitel, you will always have a special place
In my heart, that I will not replace!

Thanks for reading!

The “Lubitel”: the medium format counterpart of the “Lomo LC-A”: With a top-down viewer, a “Triplet” lens, and manual shutter & aperture controls, the “Lubitel”: yields absolutely gorgeous 6×6 and 6×4.5 images. Head to our Shop for your own “Lubitel”: now!

written by astilla on 2013-02-19 #lifestyle #lubitel166-u-love-poem-valentines-hearts-astilla

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