Avoid Dents to your Diana Mini with Rubber Foam

2013-02-22 2

Are you sometimes so clumsy like me? Have you also accidentally dropped your Diana Mini ? Now prevent dents, scratches, and mutilations with the trick with the rubber foam. Let your Diana Mini be good as new.

I am a clumsy person but at the same time I’m also a person who likes it that his stuff always remains beautiful without scratches or dents. With the Diana Mini I had a hunch. She will not last long if I’m going to take her everywhere. Think of rule number 1 of the golden rules of Lomography!

I found a solution to prevent all those nasty things. A rubber foam around it!

What do you need?

  • Rubber foam (0.5 cm thick, 2cm width, you may choose the length)
  • Of course, the Diana Mini
  • Scissors

How do we proceed?
Step 1: Cut about 14cm of the strip.
Step 2: Take the paper from the adhesive side. Thus, the strip will become adhesive.
Step 3: Paste it over the lens of the Diana Mini! Exactly like the picture!

You need not worry that you are not going to see through the viewfinder of the Diana Mini. There will be only a small fraction less visible.

For the people who are more willing to take their precautions, a strip on the back of the Diana Mini is also a possibility!

PS: If you do not like scratches on silver colored parts of the Diana Mini, you can also buy a screen protector for a smartphone and cut out the shapes of the silver colored parts. An example can be seen on the picture!

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  1. burgerdeel
    burgerdeel ·

    too late for that, for me D:

  2. nubesdecolores
    nubesdecolores ·

    Thank you odestru! It's a great idea! I'm very clumsy ;)

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