Republic of Kugelmugel

Controversial but extremely photogenic, the Republic of Kugelmugel is a must for Lomographic sightseeing!

This round house was located in lower Austria before the authorities ordered its demolition due to violation of building regulations. Artist Edwin Lipburger, who built the three-dimensional convex-concave plain, then declared his house the independent republic of Kugelmugel and himself as the president of this micro nation. A councilor for cultural affairs promised help and agreed on the transfer of the structure to its current location: the Wiener Prater.

But real troubles only began when the new location near the Planetarium lacked water, electricity and sewage facilities which in turn made the building unusable and is the subject of a still unsolved legal case. Some people see a big similarity with this case and the Austrian way of dealing with law, art and politics. As a visionary Herr Lipburger stated in the Kugelmugel-manifesto from 1975: Kugelmugel will continue to be a constant source of scandal, but at the same time a link between the possible and the real, between the right to act and the act itself.

location: prater, 1020 vienna. head towards the ferris wheel, turn to the planetarium and spot republic kugelmugel just behind | how to get there: metro u1/u2 to praterstern

by Manfred Steininger

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