The Perfect Lomo Combination

2013-02-13 2

What makes a perfect lomo combo for me? Find out after the jump!

Bacon and egg. Paper and pencil. Batman and Robin. These are all great examples of what we might call perfect combinations. So what defines a perfect combination? Two entities that separately, may already be good, but when combined with each other exemplifies some kind of magnification of their innate qualities. It is as though one brings out the best in the other, and vice versa.

Combinations are an important element in lomography, or in general photography. This is apparent when some photographers seem to have preferences with regard to which film is loaded into what camera, with all things being equal. For example, some users of classic rangefinders seem to have a leaning towards black and white film. What accounts for these preferred combinations is rather hazy. Different photographers seem to have different reasons; perhaps, it is just a simple matter of personal taste.

Speaking of personal taste, what combinations do I find perfect, you might ask. It is no rocket science in my case. My favorite Lomography camera, being the Lomo LC-A+, plus my favorite film, being Lomography Xpro 100, equals my perfect lomo combo!

Aside from the fact that it rather rusts easily, there is really no other fault I can think of about the LC-A+. Surely, this is very subjective. I have read a great deal of rants and criticisms about this camera, but for me, there is a whole lot of thing to like, and pretty much nothing to hate about it. It has a relatively fast lens at 2.8, it is slightly wide, it has MX function, the auto-exposure leaves a lot of thinking room for composition. On an equally subjective note, the Lomography X-Pro Chrome 100 is also perfect for me. I am not a fan of slides that shift in color when cross processed. I just want it to be saturated, and the X-Pro Chrome 100 is exactly that!

When I combine these two, I expect nothing short of magic. But how do they actually enhance each other?

Perhaps that magic I experience is just plainly additive in nature. Meaning, all the things I love about the LC-A+, plus all the things I love about the Xpro 100, results to what my version of the complete lomographic experience. “Complete” I suppose is the underpinning of the magic that my perfect combo yields. With my perfect combo, there is really nothing more I could ask for.

Here are some photos from my very first roll of X-Pro Chrome 100 using my Lomo LC-A+.

Credits: renenob

The Lomo LC-A+ is known worldwide for its amazing features: automatic exposure, extended ISO range, and multiple and long exposure capabilities. Get your own Lomo LC-A+ now!

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  1. cherub38
    cherub38 ·

    I think it is my favorite combo also ! Unfortnately, XPro 100 is no longer available in the shop ... But I still have 2 full boxes ...

  2. neanderthalis
    neanderthalis ·

    Yes, I hope it returns or a similar product is offered soon.

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