Perfect Combination: The Sprocket Rocket and Lomography Tungsten X 64 Film

2013-02-18 1

I used the Tungsten film, a very slow film with the sprocket rocket having very little hope on such experiment. Well, I can’t wait for the sun to come back to use this brilliant combination again that brings nice vignetting effects and beautiful sprocket holes.

Credits: zipper

I was in Antigua and Barbuda a year ago, just a few months after the Lomography Tungsten film had come out. I knew I wanted to use that film with the LC-Wide to have a good exposure with such slow film. ISO 64 is not a common speed for me, but I trusted my sprocket rocket to use it.

I couldn’t ask for a better sun: tropical! The Sprocket Rocket doesn’t have an automatic light meter so I had to choose between the settings “sunny” or “cloudy”. I didn’t think to much, sometimes I took “sunny” pictures and other times “cloudy” pictures. I was scared that the result of the “cloudy” pictures were completely overexposed images, but the picture at the top of this article and the one above are the result.

Nice and crisp images that have a very bright center and really cool vignetting.

The “cloudy” setting allowed to capture the wave in a longer movement and the whiteness joined it with a cloud.

The greatest thing isn’t only the cool effect when using the “cloudy” setting; the greatest thing is that the pictures also come out brilliantly with the “sunny” setting!

The vignetting is darker, but the wide lens effect on the sides is really cool.

Finally, what is great is to get Tungsten photos with those amazing sprocket holes and in panoramic pictures: a delightful combination…

The next time they are going to work together again will be soon, this time with equatorial sun in Gabon. Can’t wait!

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  1. weaver
    weaver ·

    tungsten film and sprocket rocket is one of my absolute favorites as well! always lovely results :)

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