Konser Tunggal Nining Meida @ Sabuga, Bandung, Indonesia, October 21st, 2012


Nining Meida solo concert at Sabuga, Bandung was not only the first solo concert of Sundanese musician at this most representative building concert in town, but also (and I hope) the first “opening wave” to more and more of Sundanese musicians to hold their act in their own land.

Nining Meida is the leged of Sundanese pop singers. A lot of her songs are very famous in Sundanese pop song lovers. When I read about her free entry Konser Tunggal (solo concert) at Sabuga, Bandung, Indonesia, I didn’t want to miss this opportunity to know her because honestly, I didn’t know much about her songs.

I arrived at Sabuga. It took a long time for me and some of people who didn’t bring the invitation to go inside the building concert. The newspaper didn’t say anything about that but there are so many audience who brought the invitation for this free concert that made me feel like I’m the B class audience T-T Kind of strange bureaucracy for a free entry concert. After an hour passed by, finally the gate guard let me and a few of us to come inside the concert building.

Just like I guessed, the front side of the stage was already full with Nining Meida’s fans. The only seat left for me was the right wing which is very far for my Horizon Perfekt camera to shoot Nining Meida’s stage act. But if I give up I’m wasting one hour waiting outside before so I tried to go down and find an empty space at the front stage. Lucky me because the majority of the concert audience are mature women who always want to go to the toilet. When one of them are leaving the space in front of the stage, I take this opportunity to sit there. Hey, it’s a free concert, right? So it’s not a cruel to take other position =p

Kang (the Sundanese called for man that older than you) Kusye, the old member of the famous Sundanese comedian group called De Bodor (Bodor = joke in Sundanese language), opened the show accompanied by Kang Benny, the new member of New De Bodor. The De Bodor members itself consist of Sundanese legend comedians such as Kang Ibing (the late), Aom Kusman (the late), Suryana Fatah a.k.a. Babah Holiang (the late) whose songs are popular again this day after Sule, the new Sundanese comedian generation, always sings his song “Cici Lalang”. Before Kang Ibing passed away, Kang Kusye said that he was told by Kang Ibing to continue this group which had entertained Sundanese and Indonesians since the 70’s era. Enough about De Bodor, let’s get back to Nining Meida. Kang Kusye also stolel the attention of the crowd with his act when called Nining Meida.

Nining Meida appears with an elegant costume. She also helped by a lot of musicians and singers. The background dancers also being the essential part of the show. Since the first song until the end of the show, the crowd were singing along and made me feel very excited even though I didn’t know every single one of Nining’s songs lyrics.

Credits: hervinsyah

Unfortunately the concert also had the governor of West Java who will be competing again at the election of West Java governor on February 2013. The atmosphere of hidden campaigning become real when the host invited him and his wife to sing one of Nining’s song. The crowd was enthusiastic except me. What can I say, it’s not cheap to hold a concert at Sabuga, and this is the part of “thanks to the governor of West Java”.

Back to the concert, after the lousy performance of the governor, Nining appears with new costumes. Now she wore some tiara (I don’t know the exact name) on her head. She looked like my dream woman =p She even didn’t look like the mother of three teenagers.

At the end of the show the crowd was moving to the lip of the stage. I took this chance to move more closer to Nining Meida and friends, and snap them with my Horizon Perfekt.

Unfortunately I’m not as fast as this bunch of mature ladies who snap Nining hundreds of times with their cameras. But the most attractive crowd was the supporter of Sundanese soccer/football team, Persib Bandung. Nining always walked through them who were at the right of the stage when the concert was held. They’re the most enthusiastic, dancing and sing along crowd that night.

Credits: hervinsyah

Not only as a favorite soccer/football team, Persib Bandung is also the icon of Sundanese and West Java. Many years ago the fabulous story about West Java people who didn’t have money to come to Bandung to watch Persib match, and they sold all of the possessions they have such as clothes or sheep just to watch their beloved football team. Watching Nining Meida was not only about watching the music concert, but also watching Sundanese culture as it happensc. It really satisfied my thirsty soul after being bored with hundreds of copy cat UK/US musicians in Bandung.

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